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About Us

Growing tennis the grass roots way

The South Clayton Community Tennis Association (SCCTA), a NJTL Chapter, connects education to tennis.  We believes in the power of our great sport to be a teacher, confidence builder, a friend maker and a lifeline.

We know Children who play tennis get better grades in school, are better behaved, are more community-minded and well-rounded overall. SCCTA and SCCTA/NJTL partner with and support a network of National Junior Tennis and Learning Chapters(NJTL) in Georgia and USTA Southern, that share our vision and work every day to provide kids with opportunities they would not have otherwise.

SCCTA and SCCTA NJTL offers free or low-cost tennis lessons.  

Our Story

We provide Junior tournaments that enhance the experience of each Junior player.  No matter the age, skillset or ability, SCCTA programs provide a roadmap for each child to achieve success.  Net Generation programs offered through SCCTA include after school tennis , USTA Junior Team Tennis, and tennis play days through the USTA Junior Circuit.

Meet The Tournament Team

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